Renewable energy auctions 2020 is a practical guide for investors, written from the perspective of the investment process. It focuses on three renewable technologies – wind, solar and hydro power. It presents the auction rules that will apply in the year of the pandemic, that is, modified by the regulations of the Anti-Crisis Shield. Wherever the regulations are still not entirely clear, it indicates the possible interpretations and positions of administrative bodies.

In this Guide, we pay a lot of attention to analysing various aspects of risk in the auction scheme that must be taken into account when working on an auction bid. We have also collected in one place regulations from other Acts that are important from the perspective of the auction process. We have maintained a chapter discussing the legal basis for the construction of RES installations outside the auction scheme, using the feed-in premium scheme (which may be of particular interest to those who invest in hydropower installations) and outside any support scheme, and added a section on the possibilities of combining the support schemes with energy sales on the market.

Added to this Guide is the consolidated text of the RES Act, modified by the regulations of the Anti-Crisis Shield and the Act on wind farm investment projects (so-called distance Act).

Format: pdf, A5
Number of pages: 261
Language version: PL – Polish