RES Auctions 2019 – Guide (PL version)


RES Auctions 2019 is a practical guide for investors, written from the perspective of the investment process. It focuses on three renewable technologies – wind, solar and hydropower. It presents modified auction rules introduced by the Amending Act, as perceived by the investor. In places where regulations are still not entirely clear, it indicates possible interpretations.

The Guide devotes a lot of space to analyzing the risks in the auction system, which must be taken into account when working on the auction offer. In one place, regulations from other acts have been collected that are important from the point of view of the auction process. A separate chapter was devoted to existing RES installations, because the amendment of the law also affected this type of installation. What is new is the chapter discussing the legal basis for building renewable energy installations outside the auction system, using the system of subsidies to guaranteed prices (which may particularly interest investors in hydropower installations) and outside any support system.

The guide complements the text of the adopted amending act and the uniform text of the RES Act and the Act on wind energy investments (so-called distance act)

Format: pdf, A5
Number of pages: 274
Language version: PL – Polish

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