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RES Auctions in 2019

On 9th August 2019, a long-awaited amendment to the RES Act was finally enacted, which provides for a RES auction to held by the end of 2019.

This will be the largest auction so far, allowing the construction of nearly 3.500 MW of the new renewable generation capacity, including 2.500MW in wind energy and 700 MW in solar energy

Encouraged by how well received were our publications issued on the occasion of previous amendments to the RES Act, we would like to present also this time a publication which guides the reader in an accessible way through the process of preparing and placing an auction bid … and more. We have also added a section devoted to renewable projects which could be implemented outside the auction system and showing how the amended RES Act has an impact on the already operating projects under the green certificate support scheme.

The amended regulations create a definitely more friendly environment for investors. Extended deadlines, more precise definitions, removed ambiguities and finally experience from the last year auction all this gives the opportunity to optimize projects and effectively bidding in the upcoming auction.

About the guide

Renewable energy auctions 2019 is a practical guide for investors, written from the perspective of the investment process. It focuses on three renewable technologies – wind, solar and hydropower. It presents modified auction rules introduced by the Amending Act, as perceived by the investor. The Guide devotes a lot of space to analyzing the risks in the auction system, which must be taken into account when working on the auction offer. In one place, regulations from other acts have been collected that are important from the point of view of the auction process. A separate chapter is devoted to existing RES installations, as the amendment of the RES law also affects this type of installation. What is new in the Guide, is the chapter presenting the legal basis for building renewable energy installations outside the auction system – applying the feed in premium tariff for small projects in selected technologies (incl. hydropower) or even built projects completely outside any support schemes.

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Table of contents and selected pages

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About the authors


Grzegorz Skarżyński

He has been active on the Polish green energy market for almost 20 years. Co-founder and Vice President of Polish Energy Partners, one of the first independent energy producers in Poland, until its IPO. For the past 10 years or so, Investment Director at the Spanish fund Taiga Mistral, responsible for, among others, development, construction, financing and management of a wind farm portfolio with a total capacity of 90MW. An independent expert in renewable energy. For the last two years he has been working with a Swiss start-up Pexapark.com. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Mail: grzegorz.skarzynski@aukcjeoze2018.pl


Przemysław Kałek

Legal advisor, for 20 years his practice has focused on energy law, competition law and civil law. He provides advice on regulatory matters, transactions and antitrust cases to businesses operating in the electricity and gas sectors, including power system operators and producers of electricity. He provides a full range of legal services in relation to acquisition of wind farms and photovoltaic farms, construction and operation of power plants, reorganization of energy companies as well as negotiation of grid connection agreements and contracts for the supply of electricity, gas and fuels.

Mail: przemyslaw.kalek@aukcjeoze2018.pl


We also run practical trainings and workshops for those interested in the subject of the renewable energy auction 2018. Information on current dates can be found at www.euro-con.pl


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